Nasty Women Connecticut provides a platform of inclusion and community-building through the arts — to elevate the voices of Connecticut artists through popular art exhibitions, film festivals, panel discussions, programs, and more.

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Our Partners

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Bill the Patriarchy is a tool to help women calculate the value of work done at home.

Bill the Patriarchy is a tool to help women calculate the value of work done at home.

Our Sponsors

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Our History

Nasty Women Connecticut (NWCT) started as a branch of the global art movement to organize a Nasty Women exhibition in the first days of Republican President-elect Donald Trump’s term in office.  The organizers invited artists, activists, scholars, creative thinkers and anyone who identifies as a “nasty woman” or a “nasty woman ally” to submit a visual or performative work to the show. Since the first series of exhibitions, Nasty Women CT has continued to grow in building its mission, task force, network, and, reach throughout the community of New Haven and throughout Connecticut.

Our Mission

NWCT is a platform for organization and resistance. We aim to remove elitism from our local art scene and empower all members of our community to participate in making and experiencing art. In so doing, we use art a vehicle of communication to unite all communities in our local area and we demonstrate solidarity in the face of threats imposed upon so many of our own neighbors by the current administration. All proceeds from NWCT events benefit non-profit organizations that work directly with and for the communities that are most afflicted by the current administration's discriminatory rhetoric and policies.

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