Complicit : Erasure of the Body, Written Submissions

These are the collected written submissions from artists participating in our March 3-April 8th 2019 Nasty Women Connecticut Art Exhibition.

Let Us Pray, KCM Morrison

Let Us Pray.


As we look around and see our nation in turmoil

As we see our fellow country-people incarcerated by the millions

As we see Black and brown lives degraded

As we see children separated from their parents

As we see our leaders devalue the voices of those with the

courage to speak

As we see people say “I believe” but I do not care.


Let us have the courage to act

Let us not stay silent

Let us not allow our democracy fail

Let us fight so that every voice can cry out and be heard

       Can be valued.

Let us fight for true freedom

Let us value all human life and dignity

Let us tend to God’s green earth

Let us hear the smallest cry

Let us believe.


There is no room for apathy

There is no room for not yet

There is no room for this isn’t my problem.


You claim you want to be a leader

You claim you want to be a scholar

You claim you want to preach.


Start now.