Complicit : Erasure of the Body, Written Submissions

These are the collected written submissions from artists participating in our March 3-April 8th 2019 Nasty Women Connecticut Art Exhibition.

A Response to Claims of anti-Semitism against the Women’s March 2019 , David Merav

A Response to Claims of anti-Semitism against the Women’s March 2019

Merav, David

sorry but-

if you're Jewish, white, and not going to the women's March this year because you think the leaders are anti-Semites, you are allowing your privilege as a white Jew to excuse yourself from protesting issues that are happening in this country.

If you are staying home because the women's March cares about Palestinians and not about Israel (a state you only have rights to enjoy because you are a Jew), you never cared enough about Palestinians.

If you cared enough, you'd be standing in solidarity with those who are oppressed on the daily in the US and by the US. You'd be putting your own feelings aside about Zionism and marching to free Black folks, Indigenous folks, Queer folks, refugees and Palestinians from oppression caused by the racist country you inhabit.

The march is not perfect, but this is not your time to put yourself before others.

Your opinions on Israel are not a bargaining tool for you to use when other marginalized communities need help.

If you are only showing up to support others when they support your privilege, you are, in fact, privileged.

Consider what forces are persuading your belief that women of color are out to get you -- this is white supremacy, trying to divide the people fighting against it. Anti-Semitism and white supremacy should be protested, not WOC.